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Arrested for DUI or DWI? This can be a challenging time with your life being turned upside down after being arrested for DWI or DUI. The worst part of the DWI arrest isn't the arrest, court hearings and legal expenses, the biggest problem people who are arrested for DWI or DUI face today is their reputation being tarnished online! Police frequently post people who are arrested for DWI or DUI on their FaceBook pages, their website and in the local newspapers. They claim it's not meant to hurt a person's reputation, it's a means to "teach people not to do it." This is complete horse shit! How does that teach anyone?? That teaches people by SHAMING them about their DWI mistake! So yes it does hurt their reputation and they know it! Do you think they would post a photo of their son or daughter on their FaceBook page if they got caught drinking and driving if they knew they could get away with not posting it?


DWI Arrest is Not a Conviction!

For those arrested of DWI/DUI who are unaware of their rights, remember you are legally INNOCENT until proven guilty by a judge, or jury! The police officer who arrested you for DWI bears the burden of proving you are guilty, you do not have to prove you are innocent of DWI. While this is a fact it is almost always discarded by those who are supposed to enforce the laws. So I ask the obvious question...  If you are innocent until proven guilty of DWI / DUI, what right does a police department have to post your photo and arrest info on FaceBook, in the newspaper, on their website, etc? This is how we treat the innocent?


Is It Legal for Police to Post Your Photos on FaceBook or Online for a DWI / DUI Arrest?

Police have been under fire lately for posting photos and arrest information online, more specifically on their FaceBook pages. A lot of police departments are doing this but more and more and beginning to change that and are realizing the long lasting damages this causes for people. Hopefully a law will get passed that prevents police departments rom posting mug shots and arrest details online.


Should I Hire A DWI Lawyer?

YES! If you are arrested for DUI or DWI you should always hire a competent attorney! Do not attempt to defend yourself in court!


How Do I Have My Name and DWI Record Removed From the Internet?

After a DWI arrest it is likely that your name, mug shot, and DWI / DUI arrest information has been posted somewhere online. Either on the police department's website, their FaceBook page or now the latest scam....  websites that post your DWI arrest, then when you ask them to remove it they want to charge you a lot of money. These people often have multiple websites so as soon as you pay them to remove your mug shot and name they realize you are attempting to clean up your online reputation and soon after they post it on another site they own! Some states have made it illegal for people who own websites that post mug shots to charge you to remove your mug shot and arrest information from their websites.


The best way to remove your DWI arrest from the Internet is through the use of a reputation management company, but wait! Many companies charge a lot of money for this service, even huge monthly fees! Be sure to do your homework and find a decent reputation management company! There is a company in New Hampshire called Modern Concepts that offers reputation management services at low rates.




This DWI website is intended for general information about DWI and DUI arrests. NEVER use this site instead of seeking legal help! ALWAYS seek the advice of a board certified attorney!

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